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Long ago a story was told about a proud fishing pond and a fish. Across the land, fishermen would come and exclaim how clear the water was in this pond. Upon hearing yet another positive accolade, the pond’s level of pride began to reach flood stage. "I must be the best and clearest pond in the world" It didn’t take long for the old fish at the bottom to grow weary of this overdone pride. He had heard it for years. And he, better than anyone, knew what was really in this pond.

Resting on the bottom of the pond, the old fish began to rapidly flutter his fins. As he did the motion of the water began to stir up the silt on the bottom. It did not take long for the pond to fill up with a murky cloud.

"Stop What are you doing to me? What have you done? How dare you dirty me up?" screamed the offended pond. The fish responded in measured and striking words: "I haven’t done a thing to you except to show what has been in you all the time.

And that is what the law does to us. It simply shows us the sin that has settled in the bottom of our hearts. Just in case we forget who we really are, the law reminds us how desperately we need the cleansing power of our precious Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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