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I received this email in response to the Virginia Tech shooting. It’s from the WorldNetDaily.

Speakers at the Virginia Tech convocation yesterday called on Allah and Buddha in their efforts to minister to the survivors, family and friends of victims of the shooting massacre at the school – but Jesus wasn’t mentioned.

It was left up to President Bush to come the closest to offering a biblical message of hope, when he suggested the school community that lost 32 members to the shootings by an out-of-control resident alien student find "comfort in the grace and guidance of a loving God." But even he didn’t bring Jesus into the memorials.

One reader wrote, "I’m sitting here watching the convocation service at VT. Five minutes ago they had four representatives from the local ’religious community.’ The Muslim specifically invoked Allah’s blessings and he didn’t shy away from saying the name of Allah. The Jewish rep asked for God’s blessings. Buddha was represented. The only name omitted, of course, was Jesus Christ."

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