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All this talk of following Christ reminds me of an experience I had the other day. Russ Davis called me the other day and asked if I would like to roll some ground for him so he could plant oats. This was definitely something I was interested in so I went out to the farm west of his and met him there.

I climbed upon the tractor it was an International/Farmall Hydro 70, and behind it was a very antiquated looking roller. As I would learn later it dated from the early 1900’s and was first pulled by horses.

When we reached the field, Russ climbed on the tractor and introduced me to a new piece of technology. You see the tractor itself was 31 years old, the driver 39, and the roller was 100. However, this other piece of equipment was a Global Positioning System. Russ explained this device would allow me to roll the ground without going over the same ground twice. That can be a real problem if you have a very large field to do.

Without that little device to tell you where you are on the field or which pass you were on. You could get lost in a real hurry. You could find yourself making crooked rows, instead of nice, straight ones. You may have started out straight, however when you find yourself turning your head to check on the roller, or when you make your turns you may not be able to find your way back.

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