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a good preacher friend of mine told me personally this story.

One day while visiting the nursing home, he came across a lady who was very discouraged. In fact, she wanted to die. He made it a point to visit her every time he went, and one day she finally opened up to him and told this very sad story.

She had been a Christian ever since she was a young girl. All her life, she had lived for God, been active in ministry and won many people to the Lord. She had a stroke one day and finally ended up in this nursing home. She continued to witness for Christ and maintained a wonderful testimony.

One day a group from a Church came to visit her and through several visits convinced her that God was going to heal her. In fact, in one of the visits, it was prophesied that God was going to heal her on New Years Eve at midnight. She was greatly encouraged about this and began to plan for this great day to come. Word went around the nursing home and everyone was excited for her. On that night, many gathered to see her healing including a local television station who had heard about it. Shortly before midnight, this church group began to pray, and as midnight rolled around, nothing happened. Then another prophecy came forth stating that it would happen at 1 am. Again, nothing. Finally at 1:30 am, the tv crew left as did many others. At 2:00 am, another prophecy came forth stating that God would not heal her because of her lack of faith. The church group left and went home leaving a very hurt and defected lady who’s faith had been crushed by a group of church people who had highly abused this Gift of Healing. Eventually my preacher friend won her back to the Lord and helped to build up her faith again, and to this day, she is continuing to tell others about Jesus.

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