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Dr. Tim Lahaye tells the story (which I have repeated many times, but which perfectly illustrates a point); it’s about a husband who was receiving marital counseling. The obvious truth was that He and His wife were at odds with each other and were in the mode of fault-finding. After giving a laundry list of her faults, the husband was asked if there was “anything” he could find to appreciate about his wife. Without hesitation he replied, “She treats my mother good.” From that one statement, Dr. LaHaye led the husband to compile a list of 10 things which he could truly appreciate about his wife.” With this list in hand, here was Dr. Lahaye’s instruction, “take this list to work with you everyday and on the way home from work, pray through this list thanking God for these qualities.” After a couple of weeks the relationship began the process of healing. Why? Because the microscope of inspection had been taken off the negative and placed on the positive. Thus, a new “perspective” was gained.

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