Sermon Illustrations

I was at a conference years ago, and I found myself in this pastor’s small group discussion, a bunch of these old guys. The conversation turned to the subject of Jesus being the exclusive way to salvation (which by the way, is sound orthodox theology, clear biblical interpretation handed down for 2000 years and what the denomination of this church believes; it is what those who are ordained to being a pastor in this denomination say they believe when they are ordained). Imagine my surprise when I was the only pastor out of the six in the group who believed that Jesus was the only way to salvation. We had an increasingly heated “discussion” where they didn’t take it very well that I accused them of being out of touch and questioned their biblical knowledge. The discussion came to a head when I pulled out my bible and asked them, any one of those pastors, to show me in the bible, English, Hebrew or Greek, where it says, or even alludes to the fact that other religions are a viable way to God,(and yes Hinduism was known about in the Roman world). The discussion abruptly ended and they all got up and left. Why did they leave?….I mean, besides myself being annoying; They left because all of their reasons and arguments about other ways to God aside from Jesus, cannot, cannot be supported biblically. Within the pages of this book, that kind of thinking cannot be found. The bible you hold in you hands supports one exclusive thought: Jesus is the way, there is no other way.