3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

God gives a warning, a serious warning. Wise and sensitive souls respond quickly to the warning. Others do not. Charles Swindoll said he and his wife Cynthia were flying from Portland to Los Angeles after a pastors’ conference.

After the flight reached cruising altitude, meals were being served. Suddenly the plane banked sharply. The flight attendants quickly put away the food, and even took trays back from people as they quietly whispered among themselves. Swindoll realized they were in for trouble.

The pilot came on with ice water in his veins. “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have a little mechanical difficulty. We’re going to drop back in on the Portland airport. We’ll be there for a little while, then we’ll be back on course.”

As soon as they touched down, the flight attendant said, “Listen very carefully everyone. As soon as we come to a stop, you’ll hear a sound; you’ll hear a bell. At that moment, take the closest escape route you can. Some of you will go out the front. Some of you will go out the tail. We may even have to use the slide.” As the plane pulled to a halt, she added, “There’s a bomb threat. Take nothing with you. Get off!”

Would you believe, people stopped and opened the overhead bin? “Is this your bag? Did you bring a briefcase?” We were supposed to get out! The attendant was saying, “It’s a bomb threat, men and women! Get off the plane!”

Even then they were grabbing under their seats for their belongings. And the guy didn’t want to leave his briefcase. It’s funny that we don’t take warnings seriously – especially those that come from God.