Sermon Illustrations


It is obvious that I love the Spurs NBA basketball team. Tim Duncan, who is on the San Antonio Spurs, is at the moment considered one of the greatest players of the sport. Tim Duncan routinely frustrates sports reporters as they interview him. The reporters want Tim to talk about how great he is, to reflect upon his accomplishments, to pump up his reputation, but each time Tim deflects praise from himself, rejects the opportunity for self indulgence and instead he talks about how great the other players on the Spurs are and how he wouldn’t be who he is without them. The reporters don’t seem to know what to do with Tim, for they have never had an NBA star who is so self secure he doesn’t need to talk about himself. My suspicion is that Tim, who is a devoted Christian, understands that Jesus Christ is the authority in his life and all the NBA championships in the world, and all the hoopla from adoring fans don’t measure up to who Jesus Christ is, and what He alone can accomplish in our lives.