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There was a man who did not know what was wrong. He seemed to fail at everything he attempted. His parents had been wealthy, so he had inherited a considerable amount of money. However, he failed everything he tried on his own. Now he was almost broke, and his wife was leaving him because (as she screamed at him): "You are just a jellyfish failure."

In the final analysis, his trouble was found to be one thing. Do you know what that one thing was? Fear. He was afraid. He started a spiritual quest, he realized that as he thought about fear that dominant force of mind produced after its kind, and he had more and more fear in his life. All he had feared had come upon him.

It was found that his fears began in early childhood. It was instilled by a very austere father who seemed to never show love for his son or any other member of his family. In childhood, the man had patterned his ideas of God after his father, and did not love him or think himself worthy of love in return. God and father were only to be feared and obeyed. So the man learned to fear God, people, the future, and his own abilities.

It came to a point one day in a church when the man was looking over his life. He thought, " What is lacking in my life?" He realized that was what was lacking was love.

One Sunday he heard the minister say that perfect love casts out fear. He thought, "I wonder what it would be like if I could live even one day of my life without fear and be totally fearless?" He prayed over a period of 2-3 years to be filled with God’s Spirit, to be filled with perfect love, to be so connected with God that he was fearless.

Over time, as he practiced the presence of God in his life, he started to feel God’s love. He started to get to know a God, not like the God that was taught to him, but a God who accepts him just the way he is and loves him without...

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