Sermon Illustrations

My wife Christina and I came here to visit First Congregational Church in December of 2006 to candidate and interview for the position of Pastor. Some of you may recall what the church sign on the grass in front of the building had displayed on it that December…

It said “What is missing in this church?” only it was missing the “u” in church. This was a play on spelling, the “u” that was missing in the word church was supposed to tell a person reading the sign that they should come inside and be a part of the church.

When Christina and I read it though, we looked at each other and wondered who had done the sign and why they couldn’t spell church! It was a few days later that we were showing the pictures of our trip to Cheboygan to a family member and they explained to us what the sign actually meant! As it turns out the sign made perfect sense… we had just misunderstood its meaning.