Sermon Illustrations

Ever had a time when you felt all alone in life, didn’t know which way to turn? Do you ever have a point in your life where you felt so overwhelmed and frustrated that you just didn’t know what to do?

You might be like a guy who went alone on a vacation up in the mountains and he was walking around one morning and came upon a mountain lion who began to chase him. So he started running for his life. Then he came to the edge of this cliff and there was a steep drop. The only thing on the edge of this cliff was a vine that went all way down. So he just started climbing down the vine. The lion just missed swiping his head as the man started down the vine. The man felt so good that he got away and just kept on climbing down, down, and down.

Three-fourths of the way down he looks down and there is another lion at the bottom of the cliff. So this guy’s having a bad day. Here he is now hanging on this vine, a lion below, a lion above both growling at him. He’s thinking “This is bad!” Then he looks up and above him is a little mouse and the mouse starts gnawing on the vine. So this guy is feeling like it’s really bare now—he’s all alone. He has no idea what to do now. He’s stuck, trapped. He sees no way out---no way things could get any better.

Finally—guess what he did? He closed his eyes and started to pray. He took a deep breath, relaxed and he trusted God. He opened his eyes and he looked up and the lion was still on the top. The guy looked down and the lion was still on the bottom. The mouse is till gnawing away at the vine. But then something interesting happened. He noticed on his left side that out of the clear spot on the cliff was growing this lovely patch of strawberries. On the patch there were a few bright red, delicious strawberries. In that moment he reached out, picked one of them, brought it to his mouth and he ate it.

The guy, said “These are the best strawberries I’ve ever had!” That made the lion on top angry so he jumped down to try to get him. The lion ended up falling and landing on the other lion on the bottom. Then a big scuffle broke out.. The big fight then scared the mouse away. So the guy was able to climb down and walk away and kept on eating the strawberries.

Sometimes you don’t know what do but the best thing you could do is to pause and pray. To pause and open your hear to God, to pause to seek guidance, to seek wisdom.