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We should also note that single mothers are quite often in that position by no choice of their own, due to death, divorce or desertion. Some single mothers do a wonderful job of raising children to know and to serve the Lord. For example, “John M. Webb was born to Dr. Alfred Pellar Webb and Ida Stewart Webb on October 21, 1919 in Atmore, Alabama. He grew up in Atmore where his father was a local physician. From his earliest recollection John attended the First Baptist Church of Atmore. Receiving Christ as his Savior as a young lad, he was baptized and became a member of the First Baptist Church of Atmore. When John was twelve his father died leaving the responsibility of his upbringing to his mother, Ida and his grandmother, Elizabeth. His ‘Little Mama,’ Ida and ‘Big Mama,’ Elizabeth, taught him to love the Bible. John received a Bible with the following inscription: ‘To John Webb, Christmas 1930, Mama’.”

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