Sermon Illustrations

In the King Cotton state of Alabama in 1915 there was this very small bug about ¼ inch long with a life expectancy of three week and it devastated the state. This small bug lives for about 3 weeks and it can have about 8 sets of offspring during its life of 200 each time. That’s about 1,600 children in 3 weeks. It came over the border from Mexico and its name is “Boll Weevil”. By 1918 all the Cotton farmers were broke or broken.

The state and independent researcher were fighting the Boll Weevil but it was a hard go to kill it completely off. In the south western part of Alabama H. M. Sessions found a transforming salutation to the problem. His ideal was to plant Peanuts! 1

You know what the peanuts didn’t care a thing about what the Boll Weevil did. Peanuts were easier to grow and harvest. It brought more money than cotton too. The Boll Weevil is gone or controlled today. Alabama was better than before the Boll Weevil came. The state was transformed!

The Boll Weevil can be compared to sin in our lives. It attacks relentlessly. It seems to multiply faster and faster as we look at the world.

Cotton is the world; people that don’t know God through Jesus. The Boll Weevil attacks and eats them. Their fruits are ruined and their harvest is spoiled.

The Peanut is like a...

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