Sermon Illustrations

The Printer and the Potato Chips

While working as a pressman in a print shop, I met a salesman who told this story. A customer of his had a pressman who thought he could make more money in business for himself. So, he quit his job and financed a small print shop of his own. Things went well and he prospered. Then, one day he landed a “juicy contract.”

A large potato chip company contracted him to print the flap of paper they stapled over the end of their cellophane potato chip bags. It was a simple job but the quantity needed was large and demanded much of his time. Soon, he had to give up other smaller accounts and found himself becoming more and more dependent upon that one job.

The potato chip company grew and so did their demands on his time. He had to hire help. That meant withholding taxes and Social Security. He was forced to hire a bookkeeper. He worked day and night to keep up with the demand. He no longer had time for his family or church.

In the end, he sold his business, went back to work where he had started and, the last I heard, was quite content.