Sermon Illustrations

In Ephesians we are told to imitate Christ. What does this mean in today’s world? Have we forgotten what Christ did for each of us? Has the world pulled us so far away with all of the luxuries and niceties that we have forgotten that Jesus died for us to take away our sin? And that we were told to be the ones to pass on this message of redemption to all of the generations to come?

In most of America today can we even imagine what it is like to suffer in the way that Christ suffered for us? Are we too good for the real Jesus? The real Jesus bled and died for us. He spent his time with thieves and liars not just the polite society which looked and acts like we do, dresses like we do, and is of the same social ethical and ethnic background as we are. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning anyone – I’m simply asking when was the last time we mingled with the lost, the lonely and the least of these which Jesus talks about in Matthew 25? Are our hands too clean to think about those who are suffering, lost, homeless, sick or dying?