Sermon Illustrations

William Edward Parry was a British explorer. In the early 1800s he led an expedition to the Arctic Ocean. They wanted to go farther north to continue their chartings. So they calculated their location by the stars and then started a very difficult and treacherous march north. They walked the whole day. And then totally exhausted, they finally stopped for the night. They took their bearings again from the stars. And they were shocked to discover that they were farther south than when they had started. They then discovered that they had been walking on an ice floe that was moving south faster than they were moving north! They were drifting in the opposite direction.

The same can be true of us spiritually. If we neglect to listen carefully to what Christ said, we will begin to drift away from Him. And our drifting will lead to disobedience. And if we don’t repent, that...

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