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I was shamed this week as I read about the first time a Hindu chaplain, Rajan Zed, attempted to offer a prayer in the Senate. He was booed and shouted down by three Christians who bellowed out Scriptures to the man and anyone else who could hear. They screamed: “No Lord but Jesus Christ,” and “There’s only one true God.” They called the prayer by Chaplain Zed an “abomination.” They took a stand for the truth, but in so doing brought disgrace on the name of Christ. I hardly think it was pleasing to Jesus. Jesus was not threatened by the man’s prayer. We have a hard time with those who are different from us don’t we? I think a lot of it comes from fear. Perhaps if we were more confident that Jesus Christ will triumph in the end, those kinds of things would not happen. Perhaps if we believed that no amount of evil, sinful acts or prayers to other gods can thwart the plan of God, we would relax and not think we have to correct every moral or doctrinal error we run across. Perhaps if we saw that our love for people was more important than correcting people, our witness would have more impact, and the peace of God would come to the church and to the world.

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