Sermon Illustrations

If you have ever flown into LAX airport (Los Angeles Int’l) then you may have heard your pilot make an interesting comment after landing. Your pilot might have said something like “This landing was made without any human help.”

What does this mean?

LAX has some interesting technology. When a commercial pilot enters its airspace and prepares to land the pilot will be told by the control tower to direct the plane in certain ways (i.e. 20 degrees right) until the control tower tells him “you are now connected to the “true beam.”

What is this “true beam?” It is a laser beam and part of the “laser guided landing system.” Once a plane is “connected” the true beam will take control of the landing procedure and bring the plane in for a “perfect landing.”

God the Father tells Peter to hush, make some course adjustments, and get connected to the true beam that will bring Him for a “perfect” landing.

He tells you to do that too.