Sermon Illustrations

I remember the time when everywhere you look you could see butterflies: butterflies of various shades and colours: yellow, brown, green, white and even multicoloured ones. Nowadays one can hardly see any. Yet caterpillars seem to be present in abundance.

Just the other day I was inspecting a tree and to my surprise the leaves were filled with holes. This tree had an abundance of caterpillars. I could not help but wonder how come there were so many caterpillars but so few butterflies.

This led me to examine the life cycle of a butterfly. I found out that the cycle started by the laying of an egg by the adult butterfly. This egg hatches and a larva is produced.

The larva is called the caterpillar. After some time the caterpillar becomes a pupa and is wrapped up in a cocoon. Eventually it comes out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. The conversion of a sinner can be likened to a similar process.

Caterpillars can be compared to men under the influence of Satan. They only desire is to fulfill their need even if it means the destruction of whatever is in their path. The butterfly however, can be likened onto men after they have been converted by the Holy Spirit. They bring with them a...

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