3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

8 ½ years ago, a friend & deacon from our church in Mississippi, came down to Florida with Gladys & I. I remember when he got here; that he walked around what is now the pavilion. Then it was the barn on my folks’ place. He walked around, looking at the barn, the yard & such, then he said, “You people have sand everywhere! He’s right. Florida does have a lot of sand. Think of the billions of grains in 1 backyard. With so much, we tend not to notice, but, if you let 1 grain get in your eye, I assure you, you will notice.

The same is true of sin. I’m sure Achan thought no one would notice the little stuff he took. Surely it didn’t make any difference. My friends, there are no little sins, and sin has a cost.