Sermon Illustrations

How do we navigate the guidance of God in our lives?

Consider if you will you’ve pulled up at the traffic lights in your car and the lights have just turned to red, here you need to stop. Red means when it comes to God’s guidance means we always need to stop and consider the objective truth of God’s word speaking into our lives.

Secondly the lights will turn to amber where we instinctively get ready for maneuver putting the car into gear, taking the foot off the clutch and the foot on the gas pedal, this is instinctively done. To me this is a picture of the instinctive work of the Holy Spirit in our lives we need to be ready for the subjective witness of the Holy Spirit speaking into our lives.

Thirdly the traffic lights turn to green which means go. At times we need to go, to just get on with things because God will guide us through our circumstances, his divine providence will be worked out. So often many of us talk about not understanding God’s will for our lives, but more often than not we are already fulfilling Gods will for our lives at that...

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