Sermon Illustrations

I recently read this story: “Back in the 1920s, when Lou Little coached football at Georgetown University, he had a player of average ability who rarely got into the game. Yet he was fond of him, and especially liked the way he walked arm-in-arm with his father on campus. Shortly before the big contest with Fordham, the boy’s mother called the coach with news that her husband had died that morning of a heart attack. ‘Will you break the news to my son?’ she asked. ‘He’ll take it better from you.’ The student went home heavy hearted, but three days later he was back. ‘Coach,’ he pleaded, ‘will you start me in the Fordham game? I think it’s what my father would have liked most.’ After a moment’s hesitation, Little said, ‘Okay, but only for a play or two.’ True to his word, he put the boy in — but never took him out. For 60 action-packed minutes, that inspired young man ran and blocked like an All-American. After the game, Little praised him, ‘Son, you were terrific! You’ve never played like that before. What got into you?’ ‘Few people knew it,’ answered the boy, ‘but my father was totally blind. Today was the first time he ever saw me play!’”