3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Heaven is a place of “no-more.” It is a place where there are no more tears. These verses tell us that God will wipe away the tears of His children.

Oh my friend, at the banquet Jesus has prepared for us, the tears of the lonely will be wiped away, because there they will find a “Friend who sticks closer than a brother”. At that banquet, the fatherless will have their tears wiped away by their heavenly Father. In Heaven, there will be no more death. Death will no longer separate us from the ones we love. Can you imagine never having to say goodbye again?

These verses tell us that in heaven there will be no more crying, no more pain and no more grief. Can you imagine? Forget headaches. Forget arthritis.

In heaven we will receive new bodies. Chuck will run with the children. Neil will dance with the young. No more. No more hunger. No more separation. No more disease.

Jesus will wipe away our tears of regret. How often do we look on the past and remember things we’ve done which we would have done differently? How often do we regret decisions and mistakes we’ve made? Oh my friend, our Lord will wipe away those tears of regret.

Heaven is a place of no more.