Sermon Illustrations


Jesus! whose blood so freely stream’d

To satisfy the law’s demand;

By Thee from guilt and wrath redeem’d,

Before the Father’s face I stand.

To reconcile offending man,

Make Justice drop her angry rod;

What creature could have form’d the plan,

Or who fulfill it but a God?

No drop remains of all the curse,

For wretches who deserved the whole;

No arrows dipt in wrath to pierce

The guilty, but returning soul.

Peace by such means so dearly bought,

What rebel could have hoped to see?

Peace, by his injured Sovereign wrought,

His Sovereign fasten’d to a tree.

Now, Lord, Thy feeble worm prepare!

For strife with earth, and hell begins;

Confirm and gird me for the war;

They hate the soul...

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