Sermon Illustrations

A story is told of a small group study that was done each week a church. Each week it would be held in a different member’s home and the host would provide snacks and the opening prayer. One young lady always provided the best food, had the cleanest home, etc. But she could never say the prayer; she was terrified at the thought of praying in front of people. Finally after years of trying she told the pastor one night “Tonight’s the night, I’m going to pray.” Everyone came, they snacked and talked and when it was time to start they all rose, bowed their heads and waited. After a moment the pastor began to wonder and looked over at the young woman. She was visibly shaking, tears in her eyes she quietly prayed: “Lord, Help! A-men.”

What a perfect prayer. It says it all LORD (acknowledging sovereignty) HELP (Acknowledging Need) A-MEN (So be it.)