Sermon Illustrations

In you mind put yourself on the western prairie in the summer of 1866. Imagine being asleep at night when you are awaken by the smell of burning weeds. That prairie brush fire smoke would strake fear into your heart. It is impossible to out run the fire. It moves fast as the wind and wide as the ocean. Small animals would be running for their lives; rabbits, deer, wolves, even the snakes would be traveling by your cabin trying to outrun the inevitable death by fire.

The eerie silence after the small animals passes and the smoke rolls by as it gets stronger and stronger. Soon you could hear the roar that sounded like thunder. It would be getting closer and louder. Your heart would beat faster as you hastened to move as fast as you could. You would leave all that you had and ride bear back on your horses. Your neighbors that were Parents are trying to get their children to safety but not having anyplace to run. As you move past other cabins they were standing steady ready to fight the roaring devastating wild fires to only be consumed by them.

Suddenly the smell of fire, smoke and dust disappears to your consciousness and they awaken to the earth moving under you. Because of the brightness of the fire you see in the distance the dust of the buffalo charging at and over taking you.

If by some miracle you can survive the buffalo which is very doubtful the fire will only take your breath and burn your body to death.

All the chaos is deadening your mind you can¡¦t hear or feel anything as you ride for your life with you family only to be overtake by the fire that engulf everything in its path. 1.