3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations



Years ago there was a terrible outbreak of disease in a tiny village in a remote part of Africa. Both children and adults were, getting sick and overcome with nausea. Several,weeks passed, and the sickness became widespread, and people started dying. Word of the disease reached the main city in that area, and experts were dispatched to try to figure out what was causing the problem. They soon .discovered that the water was contaminated. The village got its water supply from a mountain stream that was fed from a spring, so the experts de¬cided to trek upstream and hopefully find the source of the pollution. They traveled for days and finally came to the mouth of the stream. But on the surface, they found nothing wrong. Puzzled, they decided to send some divers down to search as closely to the spring’s opening as possible.

What the divers discovered shocked the experts. A large mother pig and her baby piglets were wedged right at the opening of the spring. Evidently they had fallen in, drowned, and somehow got stuck there. Now all that crystal clear, pure mountain springwater was being contaminated as it flowed past the decomposing remains of those dead pigs. In no time after the...

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