Sermon Illustrations

Dan Huxley owns a world record in an unusual category: he pulls airplanes. The most remarkable happened on October 15, 1997 when he broke his own record. On that day at the Mascot Airport in Sydney, Australia he strapped a harness around his upper body, attached one end of a steel cable to it and the other end to the front-wheel strut of a 187 ton 747 jetliner. With his tennis shoes firmly planted on the runway, Huxley leaned forward, dug in and pulled with everything he had. Remarkably the plane began to roll down the runway. He would go on to pull the 747 one hundred yards in one minute and twenty seconds. That is simply amazing! It takes some kind of superhuman effort to pull off a stunt like that. In no less of a way, it takes a superhuman effort to lead God’s people. You see the church is a lot like a 747, bulky, burdensome, weighty, but when you get it moving it can do amazing things. And the way a church moves and fulfills its God-given function is from the strength of a few extra-ordinary men who serve as leaders.