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*Jesus worked medical miracles yesterday, and He can do the same thing today! Sometimes we have the privilege of seeing Him do it. When I worked for the Air Force in the late 70’s, one of my best friends was a Captain named Bill.

*We got a call from Bill out of the blue, in the Fall of 1993. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. And he wanted to ask us to raise their two children if anything also happened to his wife Chrissy.

*Bill went to Cleveland for a desperate last-ditch attempt to save his life. The surgery involved taking his face off to get to the tumor. They did one last CAT scan before starting the surgery. Bill was lying on the bed in pre-op when the doctor came in and said, “I am in shock and disbelief -- And I can’t justify the surgery.

*Bill asked, “Why?”

-And the doctor said, “The tumor’s gone! We’ve been looking at the CAT scan for an hour, and we...

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