Sermon Illustrations


A minister was being shown through a large weaving mill where one of his parishioners worked. Mentioning that particular employee to the foreman, the pastor said, "I suppose that John is one of your best workers." The foreman responded, ’No, I’m sorry to say he isn’t. The trouble with John is that he stands around talking about his religion when he ought to be attending to his loom. He is a good enough fellow and has the making of a fine weaver, but he hasn’t learned yet that while he is on the job his religion ought to come out of his fingers and not out of his mouth."

That was a wise observation. During working hours, that employee’s testimony should have come from the honest labour of his hands.

The familiar Yellow Pages slogan in our phone books says, "Let your fingers do the walking." For the Christian who wants to point others to Christ, however, there are occasions when it’s best to "let your fingers do the talking."