Sermon Illustrations


A. There was a hard working young man. He was very poor.

He worked long and hard and saved his money.

He met a beautiful young woman and fell in love.

He later asked for her hand in marriage, and a few years later after saving and

working all the over time he could get, the young man purchased a modest house.

He worked hours remodeling and decorating the old house.

One day he and his beautiful bride moved in the home.

He worked so hard. He began saving money to take his wonderful wife on a cruise.

One day he went to the travel agency and booked their cruise.

They took several suitcases and a trunk.

In the trunk he packed hundreds of packages of crackers he had slipped out of the

restaurants, he had saved while the working in the restaurants.

He also purchased many cans of tuna over the months prior to their departure.

So every day at meal time, he and his lovely wife slipped back to their room and ate crackers and tuna.

One day they would eat tuna and crackers and drink water, the next day they would eat crackers and tuna.

They loved each other so dearly.

On the last day of their cruise a man said to them, we haven’t seen you eat in the dining room, go eat with us. The young man lowered his head and said, we have had limited funds after buying our tickets so we ate tuna and crackers in our room.

The man explained the meals were free, included in the price.

They could have ate lobster and steak? Instead for ten days they ate tuna and crackers.

What a shame, they paid for food, and never took advantage of what was rightfully


The man cheated his new wife as well as himself?