Sermon Illustrations

Have you took time to notice the not responsible signs around you. This week at a restaurant I ate at I noticed a sign by the coat rack that said, “Management Not Responsible for harmed or stolen garments in this area.” For those of us that fly, have you ever read the fine print on your airline ticket? It says that the airline industry is not responsible for delayed flights or missed connections. If you do happen to lose your luggage, yes, they will pay an amount, and only the amount, agreed upon around 1962 in some obscure conference in Las Vegas. Try parking your care in an expensive lot in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You will see the “Not Responsible For” sign. If your care is stolen or damaged they will not be responsible. I was behind a dump truck Saturday and you know what I read. This truck is not responsible for cracked windshields or chipped paint. I think I will get a sign and put in on the front of the communion table that says, “Not responsible for conviction of sin or life change.” And God better beware or he might find himself in court for not answering prayers.