Sermon Illustrations

Charles Stanley, in “The Gift of forgiveness” writes: A friend of mine is a fine man and a fine pastor who loves God. His wife had cancer, and they sought the best medical help. The Dr. Who had been studying the relationship between cancer and negative emotions began to work with Mrs. Brown She came to the Dr. Every day and week after week, he tried to get her to cry. She would not cry. She could not cry. Somehow, there was simply nothing to cry about. But the Dr. Kept talking to Mrs. Brown then one day, in the midst of their conversation, she began to cry. As the tears gushed out she confessed bitterness toward her parents for something that had happened years ago. When she got it all out she was free, liberated, and forgiven. Today Mrs. Brown stands by her husband’s side with love and support for his ministry. She has recovered from the cancer. It is the Dr.’s professional opinion that she would not have recovered from the cancer if she had not recovered first from the bitterness.