Sermon Illustrations

[The Point: Living for God is more than a one-time, verbal declaration, it is an on-going, intentional lifestyle.]

Once upon a time, in a country far, far away where Christianity was not allowed, there lived a very wise old man.

One day, a woman in terrible distress came to him to ask for his counsel and help.

"What am I going to do?" she wept, "someone has told the police that my husband is a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Born-again Christian!"

"How do you know this?" questioned the man.

"They arrested him at work just about an hour ago!" she moaned, "and his trial is set for tomorrow morning!"

Then the wise old man spoke reassuringly: "Don’t worry about a thing," he comforted her, "I’ve known your husband ever since that day fourteen years ago when he got saved and dedicated himself to serving Christ and spreading His Gospel." The woman began to relax as he continued; "I’ve known the kind of life he’s lived, and the kind of witness he’s had in our community, and the kind of commitment...

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