Sermon Illustrations

We were in Spain a few weeks ago and we went to a water park to keep the kids happy. Now I don’t mind swimming, but I don’t do heights – really. Anyway, Dom my youngest decides that he and I are going to go down some of the water shoots - there was one called the black hole, and actually it was pretty tame. Another one was kind of a bit of oversized drainpipe that just dropped about 4000ft – at least that is what it seemed to me; it was just horrible.

There were not many people in the queue which should have alerted me. All the way walking up the steps to the slide I could have turned round; there really weren’t that many people who were attempting it. I could have gone back, but no for some mad reason I kept going forward until I was sitting at the top of this drainpipe clinging on to the sides realising there was now only one way this would end. I declared my praise for the Lord at the top of my voice as I descended at a rapid rate of knots.

What has...

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