Sermon Illustrations

Oscar did not know what would be in store for his family as they disembarked at Ellis Island. There were times during their long journey from Sweden that young Oscar wondered if they would ever get to this wonderful place called America. Yet Oscar and his family settled in Minnesota and began to make a new life for themselves. Not only did they struggle to get here but it would not be long until more trouble would come. Soon Oscar would find himself lying in the bed gasping for air. His right lung collapsed and his body so ravaged by Tuberculosis that every breath was extremely difficult. He tried to keep his breathing in rhythm with his brother Paul lying in the bed next to him, but Paul’s rhythm became more and more shallow with more and more rattle. When Oscar’s brother Paul lost the battle to TB and died, he was certain he would be next.

A minister came to that sanitarium in Minneapolis to visit the sick, lay hands on them, and pray. Only Jesus knows the name of that humble servant of God, but changes began to happen in Oscar’s body and heart. The collapsed lung began to heal. Oscar regained his health and went on to become a pastor, evangelist, and songwriter.

Listen to the words of the one of the songs Oscar C. Eliason wrote:

“Be of good courage,” God spake unto Joshua,

When o’er the river God pointed the way;

Jordan un-crossable! things seemed impossible,

Waters divide as they march and obey.

“Got any rivers you think are un-crossable?

Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through?

God specializes in things thought impossible,

He can do just what no other can do.”

-Oscar C Eliason