Sermon Illustrations

Now contrast that with one the story of another man. He owned a liquor store. One day, the liquor store owner met the Jesus. He poured all of his inventory down the drain. That’s called disposing of your liquid assets. And he owed a lot of money on some of that. He worked for along time paying off that debt. He started another business ... a roadside hot dog stand. After a few years, he was owner, CEO, and president of one of the largest moving and storage companies in that part of the country. He drove with an open Bible in the seat of his car and looked for people to pick up so he could tell them about Jesus. As you came into his office, you would always see an open Bible. His first word to you was a witness of what God had done for him and what God could do for you, too, through Jesus Christ. He was never ordained as a minister. He was ordained as a deacon. He loved the church and served as chairman of deacons at one time. He did everything he could to honor Jesus with the days of his life.