Sermon Illustrations

I went fishing on a lake one time in Northern Wisconsin with a friend of mine. We took out my aunt and uncle’s paddle boat. It was a nice day and we wanted the exercise. A storm came up and waves started to come up over the sides of the small boat. We tried to paddle against the wind and waves toward shore but all we had to bail water out was an empty Mt. Dew can. You can imagine just how poorly that worked. By the time we got the water out we were further away from shore than when we started. We eventually figured out that we weren’t going to be able to paddle against the storm but could either allow the storm to push us to the opposite side of the lake or cut across the lake at at 45 degree angle get to the shore and walk the boat back along the shoreline. We made it doing the second option but it was scary because we had not life preservers and my friend couldn’t swim.