Sermon Illustrations

When Ohio State Football team played poorly the first game against a weak Youngstown State team they could have easily criticized and blamed each other, but they didn’t. Their high powered running back Chris Wells couldn’t score from inside the one yard line to top off an awlful day for him. When asked if the short-yardage failures were the fault of an offensive line breaking in two new starters, Wells exhibited his best move of the day by taking the high road.

"From my perspective, I didn’t do a good job, so put it on me. I’ll take the blame" said Wells,...

"I feel like I did a terrible job. I didn’t give my best performance. The fans, the team ... everybody deserves to get my best."

Chris Wells didn’t criticize the line for not blocking well enough and Kirk Barton in return didn’t blame Chris for not scoring. Brandon Saine ended up scoring the touchdown.

"We know (Saine) is a burner," right tackle and senior captain Kirk Barton said about the rookie from Piqua. "He stepped in and gave us another dimension. Between him and Beanie and Mo Wells, they’re a very capable backfield. I’m not sure what happened with Beanie at the goal line, but we’ve got to get those things fixed in practice."

You know both the line and the back will do there best for each other next time, because they didn’t criticize when they had the opportunity