Sermon Illustrations

A Baptist was visiting Rome and decided to tour the Vatican while he was there. Standing outside St. Peter’s Basilica, he noticed a long line of people stretching from the courtyard into the church doors. So he asked on of them what the line was for.

A woman in line told him they were waiting to see a priest for the sacrament of reconciliation. The Baptist asked what that was, and the woman explained that they would kneel down in a small darkened booth, confess their sins to a priest who was behind a partition, and the priest would then grant them absolution from God, forgiving their sins.

It sounded interesting, so he got in line. Two-and-a-half hours later, he was finally at the front of the line. He entered the confessional, a short while later he came out smiling and said, “This is great! My sins are all wiped away! I’m as pure as the day I was born! Totally sin-free!”

Another priest nearby heard him and said, “Pride! Get back in line.”

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