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When I was growing up, I lived in a house that had a brick patio in the backyard. The people that owned the house previously had put the bricks in place. They had not done a very good job. They had not made it level. This was bad enough but the part that really infuriated my father was the fact that they had not put anything under the ricks to prevent the weeds from growing between them. After a few years of pulling the weeds out every few weeks or so, my father had enough. It took him about a week to pull up every brick, clean it, level the dirt, put down plastic and put every. . . brick. . . back. All that to make sure that no weeds would ever grow back again.

By nature we always want to get rid of the weeds. But not Jesus. But not Jesus? What do you mean, "But not Jesus?" I mean, NOT Jesus.

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