Sermon Illustrations

There was a story once told while I attended Zion Bible Institute by a preacher in which I have no remembrance of, only his story. There was once an operator of a train draw bridge who had the duties of raising and lowering the bridge. Generally the bridge would remain up due to the heavy traffic on the sea way. The man had a young son who often accompanied his father to work. The father would go about his duties while the son would go about and play. On this particular day, it came time for the 9 am train, the father looked about for his son and could not find him. He searched around the small office, and then he say his son, stuck in the track. To leave the control room to rescue his son would have been the lives of hundreds of passengers on the train. To lower the bridge would have caused the certain death of his son. As the train approached, the whistles blowing, the man released the lever to lower the bridge, and turned his head away as the bridge lowered. The passengers not knowing what had just happened crossed the bridge safely while many of them waved to the man, not knowing that his son’s life was just given for theirs.