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There is a new pastor in Atlanta named Mason Betha. He recently celebrated his one year anniversary pasturing a church of about 100. But Reverend Mason hasn’t always been a pastor.

He was formerly known as the rapper Ma$e, “the flashiest and most pleasure driven performer on… the Bad Boy record label.” His transition from bad to good was rather abrupt. He didn’t switch to gospel music or gospel rap—he left the music industry. He broke with friends and associates and gave away lots of the possessions that shaped his persona: a Range Rover, a BMW, a Mercedes convertible, and a diamond encrusted Rolex worth more than most American homes. He also left a huge contract with Bad Boy Entertainment and Arista Records.

There was no great “emotional experience.”

Mason says of his turn around: “I was just sitting in a hotel and decided I can’t do this no more. People be looking for this big explanation. But when it’s God’s time, it’s God’s time.”

Are you looking for some rock bottom experience or emotional high...

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