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Have you ever heard the story about the man who never made a decision without flipping a coin? Whenever he was confronted with a choice he would listen to what others would suggest. He was always willing to listen to the advice of others; he would read books and even pray. But when all was said and done and it was time to make a choice he would just end up flipping a coin.

One day a friend asked him, “Why do you always leave everything to chance? Why don’t you stop flipping coins and just start making your own decisions?”

The man replied, “All right but give it a try. Here you flip a coin. ‘Heads’ I won’t make decisions by chance; ‘tales’ I’ll just flip a coin.”

The friend flips the client and what and you know what it came up heads. “Well I guess you won’t be flipping a coin any longer!”

The man said, “Ahh, but you’re wrong! I been using this same coin years. Take a look and see for yourself BOTH SIDES ARE HEADS.”

For this guy what appeared to be a chance was really a deliberate choice. Now unless you happen to have a two sided coin, there are two sides to everything. This morning were going to continue our look at the Ten Commandments with commandment number five, Honor your father and mother,” and we’ll see that there are two sides to honor.

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