Sermon Illustrations

How often have you heard, “Limited time offer” or “This offer won’t last long”? The idea is that if you don’t act soon you will miss out on this chance of a lifetime. The only problem is that sooner or later they are making the same offer all over again, or by chance you might even hear that now it is a better offer (unfortunately you are one of those who went and bought the previous limited time offer)!

I believe that Satan had a “Limited time offer” that he only made available one time. When this offer expired it was over, and this offer has never been made again. Do you know what it is? The devil met Jesus in the wilderness and showed Him all the kingdoms of this world with all their glory and power and said, “All of this is mine, but I will give it all to you if you bow down and worship me, but hurry this offer won’t last long!” Jesus said, “The Word says, ‘Worship God only and serve Him.’ No deal devil! Take your offer and get lost.”

Satan does continue to make similar offers to us. We bow down and worship for much less than what Jesus was offered. We will bow down for just a little power and prestige; we bow for money, fame, convenience. We will take the devil at his word and give our worship in exchange for temporary pleasures. The unfortunate reality is that all too often what the devil offers today in exchange for our worship he will take away tomorrow.