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An undertaker ask a local new minister to preach a funeral for a person of no friends, money, or known relatives. The funeral director felt so bad already at the cheap coffin. The new minister responded gladly. The directions were vague and 8 miles into a wooded area and set for 2pm. Panically, at 2:45, after being lost for .45 minutes, the young minister finally sees two men leaning over their shovel handles near a hole and taking a break. He thought this must be it, so it runs over to the hole and begans to say a few words, til one man said "AMEN". the young minister feeling proud, begin to preach vigorously. The 2nd man said "PREACH IT BROTHER". Finally after about 30 minutes of hard preaching, the young preacher felt so proud and was walking away. One of the men stopped him and said "Sir, I don’t knreat ow who you are, but I have never in my entire career heard such a gmessage over burying a septic tank". Lesson: You may be doing a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing the right thing.

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