Sermon Illustrations

Back in 1990, I was a tenant residing in a compound where the landlord and his family were also enclosed. The landlord and the tenants respected my family since they understood my position as a minister and servant of God. He allowed the believers to have their weekly fellowships within his compound yet he never attended even one of them. One night, I was awoken from sleep by screams. I opened my front door and realized that robbers had broken into his house and stolen from him. The following morning, he embarked on a programme of securing his house. Workers flocked into the compound and in a few days, several concrete walls had been build all round his house, each with a big and strong iron door. There were several iron doors before his main living room. He also bought a siren with a powerful flashlight ontop of his house and he employed another extra guard to keep the compound safe.

Well, after my landlord securing his place, there was some confidence created within him and his family but this did not go on for long as I was to be surprised. One evening, the watchmen reported to them that some strangers were about in the compound. Instead of locking themselves in their house, they ran away from it, infact, I opened my house for the landlord’s wife. She opted for my house which had a wooden door, one that could be knocked off easily. I advised her to sit on the sofa and keep quiet. Apparently, the landlord’s wife knew where the security was since she couldn’t trust the iron gates and the iron doors in her house, she knew that its where the Lord is in control, that one can be safe. There’s no better landlord than our Lord and creator Jesus Christ. Trust Him in all situations and circumstances and He will see you through.