Sermon Illustrations

Bob Russell, a preacher in Kentucky, tells of calling Baptist East Hospital late one night to check on one of his elderly members. The operator transferred him to a nurse who answered, "Pediatrics." Bob said, "Pediatrics? I’m checking on a lady that’s 87 years old! I’ve got the wrong floor." Bob expected the nurse to say, "Sir, just call the switchboard back and they’ll reconnect you." But she said, "Sir, would you wait just a minute, let me see if I can help you." She came back to the phone and said, "Your church member is in room 423. But sir, it’s rather late and they might not put you through, let me give you the number of the nurses station on that floor and the name of a nurse who I’m sure will help you out. But sir, here’s my name and my number. If they don’t help you, I’ll be here til midnight, you call me back and I’ll see that you get through." Bob said, "I almost hired her over the phone." That is so rare! What a humble, helpful spirit. And I bet you, that Bob’s opinion of Baptist East hospital was enhanced greatly because of one helpful servant.