Sermon Illustrations

Jesus did as much when he gave his first sermon in Luke 4. Jesus was asked to read the scripture in the synagogue and give some teaching. He read from Isaiah about freeing the captives, healing the sick, making the blind see, and enacting the Kingdom Day of Jubilee. He said today it is fulfilled in your midst. People were amazed. They loved what he said but wondered how he could offer this declaration since they all knew him since he was child. He was Joseph’s son, a carpenter not a Rabbi.

They like what he said at first but Jesus continued on. He told them that they would not honor him or his words. He told them that they would miss out on God’s blessing just like in the days of Elijah during the great drought lasting three and half years. During that time, nobody in Israel received God’s blessing. The only two were an unclean widow not from Israel and Naamon. This of course infuriated the crowd and they went to tear Jesus to pieces. They turned on him because of the truth and insight (sacred truth) that he had offered.