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would have us again look at our feet and remember that God said to Abraham, go this way, and because He believed God, he went not know where he was going and God blessed him with children and used him to accomplish God’s good purpose in humankind.

I would again tap the side of our head with our finger and remember that Joseph dreamt God’s dream of salvation and reconciliation which saved his family whose heirs would become the great nation through which salvation would come. Joseph believed God because in spite of his circumstances he believed that God was at work doing what was right as he later said to his brothers.

This morning I would look at our hands and remember that God said to Joshua, ‘I have already given Jericho, its kings, and its warriors into your hands’ and through the voices of many and the horns of a few, Joshua believed that God had done so and by faith the Israelites listened, obeyed, and were victorious! Jim Kane

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